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4 ingredients to be a better business Leader
- Suman Joshi
4 ingredients to be a better business Leader

A leader comes first and goes last. A leader is the architect of the team. Along with the primary responsibility of building and managing the team to deliver results, a leader is expected to remain fully and finally accountable for the results. If you treat people equally despite the obvious might, you are a leader. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and put work in like another labourer, you are a leader. True leaders familiarize themselves as people of no speciality, they appear to be just like everybody else on the outside. On the inside every leader is a coach; they aim to inspire, empower, build a team, remove the team’s fear of failure, and ensure great things are achieved, together.

There are several traits that define a leader, but here we discuss the qualities that make a competent leader. A leader that people wilfully want to follow and look up to. There is an obvious necessity for leaders however the whole point revolves around being a leader who is accepted and admired.

Any leader can be a great leader…It’s not difficult, it’s just rare.

While there are numerous qualities that define the perfect leader here are a few points that share the foundation of the personality of a good leader.

Efficient Delegation A leader must know how to get the job done, but effective leaders know when to get out of the way and let the team take control. Delegating the right job to the right workforce is the best form of leading an operation, while identifying the strengths of team members and focusing on them. A leader knows how many individuals they have to get things done, a good leader knows who can bring out the best.

Accountability A leader is no less of a trainer. Apart from getting the job done a leader works towards developing leaders across the team to eventually upskill and improve the team. While this is an established fact that a leader’s work is never over, even in teams full of proficient leaders an ideal leader is liable all the way through.

Adaptability Leaders need to be prepared to flex their leadership style according to situations. Instead of following a favoured or dominant style, one needs to be able to shift the way they lead. It is easier to start tight, but imperative to loosen control as needed.

Motivator A good leader is someone who can get his team members to attain remarkable milestones, in a manner that the team can be satisfied of their accomplishments. A genuine push, indefinite trust and unwavering interest in the success of the team define a good leader.

A great leader is someone who guides the path and fights the storms. Leaders must be aware that they are the ones responsible to get ideas and resources and get them moving, not to mention the constant supply of inspiration, motivation and initiatives.

Want to be a fondly followed leader? Work for your people before getting your work done from them, take responsibility for them, and provide your people all the required resources, suggestions and direction to pull up their tasks with ease.

Being passionate, careful, flexible and empathetic are key traits of a leader. Prodigious leaders encourage people to communicate and reciprocate with ideas.

Great leaders not only get things to work, they make things happen.