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Is HR losing its human aspect?
In a world that is increasingly becoming automated, a blend of technology and human touch can help HR to manage their quantitative information and 'human capital' more effectively.
Is HR losing its human aspect?

Does not deprive the HR function of the human essence

Datafication does not deprive the human resources function of the human essence. Companies now are migrating from transactional to a relationship based approach. Datafication with the help of big data and analytics assist companies in this migration.

According to a survey conducted by Harris poll and released by CareerBuilder, more than 20% of the 2,000 hiring managers and HR professionals surveyed reported having replaced workers with automated technologies. Of the 68% of companies that have substituted automation processes for staff say they’ve also created new positions as a result of new workplace technologies and 35% of companies reported creating more jobs than they had been prior to automation.

Data analytics in HR is extremely vital in developing strategies, forecasting and minimizing risks. Storage, analysis, and utilization of data in the right manner yields business growth and efficiency. It gives insight to each of the specific units attached to the employee life cycle. However, we can achieve the desired outcome in the best possible form, when it is executed by incorporating the ‘human’ element in it.

HR professionals need to realize the value of the analyzed data and should be well versed in utilizing it. Effective utilization of the analyzed information is beneficial for achieving the HR goals and company’s vision. Human interaction will never be replaced unless we have people working in organizations and not robots. It will always be a part of the process.